Placing image between two container in new responsive

need help in placing image over two groups!!!
i’m doing this in new responsive

in this above image, there are two groups (top and bottom).
i’ve kept the leaf in upper group, it is only able to place it right there thru fixed container layout.
how to make it responsive for mobile and in the same placement.

hope you got my point!
thanks in advance

@josh24 in your website, you done this , ryt.
would you mind helping me ?

Hi there, @jerykrischeno7… I don’t pretend to be an expert on the new responsive engine, but if I understand your post correctly, I think you could add a top margin to the image element that would push it down so that it overlaps with the bottom group. Have you tried something like that?


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thanks @mikeloc :raised_hands:
just now, i’ve found the same solution.
by adding bottom margin to the text group above, im able to move this image down to the position.
and i’ve changed my container layout to row.
thanks again for looking over my issue!!

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Hey @jerykrischeno7

In this case I just used a negative margin (yes you can make a margin negative). So it was at the top of the group and I added a negative margin to shift it upwards.

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thanks @josh24 :+1:

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