Placing loader animation icon

Hello, I have built a page with several groups and repeating groups. I would like to make use of a loader animation icon. The thing is, when I add it to my design, everything else moves to make place for it.
Is there a way to place a filled white rectangle on top of everything (well at least on top of the parts I want to hide before they are fully loaded), with the loader icon on top? Overlay, I mean. I can then make this filled white rectangle + icon dissapear when the page has finished loading.

Hmm in the mean time I worked it out by just conditionally hiding some elements while the animation is showing. It looks nice, so I think I can conitnue.
Still curious for an answer, though. Is it possible to overlay an element on top of all?

This depends on what kinda layout you’re using for the container.
If the container layout is set to Column or Row Then elements will go after each other no matter what
I’m not sure how Fixed layout behaves. However, If you make it align to parent then Every element in the container can be placed within the container wherever you want irregardless of other elements.

The way I’d do it tho (In order not to lose the layout of the other elements) is like the following:

  • Big container (Align to parent)
    • Animation (wherever you want)
    • Container (Whatever it is now)
      • Other elements (Nothing change)