Planning out my app

How do I best map out my app?

I am a couples therapist, and want to achieve a few goals with bubble, and am wondering whether to just do one app, or more than one to achieve this.

Big picture, I want to set up

  1. a business website with a home page, about, a blog, and newsletter sign up. (I’m comfortable doing this so far)
  2. a short quiz about household happiness, where a single user answer nine qs, and have results displayed this short quiz is like a teaser to get people thinking about how they organise their housework etc., and encourage them to purchase a longer survey
  3. a longer survey for all members of a household to complete, which gives a combined report about satisfaction with housework etc. Couples in conflict could print this off and use it as the basis for a discussion about what they want to change. (they pay a fee to use this)
  4. a short course ‘100 days to household happiness’ with daily 1 minute readings/exercises to gradually nudge them towards behaviours which result in a happier household. (again, they pay a fee to use this)

My first question is, is it best to have all this as a single app? Or is there any benefit in separating functions out (does this make things faster or simpler)? My second question is, how do I best plan that out? E.g. if all as one app, where do I begin with mapping out the above process before I begin ‘making it’?

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Hi Nina
Thanks for taking time to reply. However the link you shared was for a company willing to quote on making the app for me. Unfortunately that does not answer my question, because I am not seeking someone else to quote me. I am making the app myself, and had a specific question around best structure.
But thank you for trying. All the best!