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Plate Search Help

I’m trying to make a plate search, obviously, the plate search is a popup. But, the twist here is that the current pages “type of content is: Identity.” And I’m wanting the search to happen in another Data Type other than Identity. The search needs to happen in “Vehicle Registration.” Since the current pages type of content is “Identity” then it wont let me… is there a way I can get by this?

In order for the page to work with the stuff I have; I have to have the page type set to ‘Identity’

In the First image I’m trying to have the ‘Model’ of car the valid plate search is linked to but, since the page type is “Identity” I can’t chose any other option then the fields under the Identity category.

Image #1

@tvmeints did you do this to the search box?

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@tvmeints did you do this to the group to?

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@chase7621 Yes I did, that didn’t work so then I just grouped everything in that section (because I didn’t want a popup) and then chose the groups data type.

Thank you for your help! Have a good rest of your day.