Please add "distance from address" in privacy rules

Hi there bubblers (and bubble team),

I’m trying to design an app which respects my user’s location privacy, and its more difficult than I would have hoped. The idea is that a user’s street address should stay private from other users (for obvious reasons). However, I want the app to be smart enough to show certain attributes of the user’s profile to other users that are nearby. My hope was to create a privacy rule which could be something like: “If this user’s address:distance from current user’s address <= 10 miles” -> Show this user in searches.

Only problem: “this user’s address” doesn’t have any options in privacy rules. If you try typing a geographic location in a privacy rule, a tiny 5-10 pixel tall box pops up where you would have options, but there’s nothing there.

A workaround I’ll be using in the meantime is to have a field exposed to other users which is set to “current user’s address:city”, and use that directly in search filtering. But this won’t work very well for larger cities.

I’m hoping this can get implemented. Privacy rules in general seem to be lacking a lot of the normal conditional features (another example is “intersect” or “contains list” between two lists).

You can also go more granular than a city, so for example, you can save a user’s neighborhood and do the “distance from” as a workflow in order to choose users to display.


Alternatively, you can have an API workflow that runs with “ignore privacy rules” selected and you can have that workflow send back a list of users that are within 10 miles from user.