Please add Imgix `facepad` parameter

Yes, but that approach assumes users are already aware of how Imgix is currently used as well as the BOATLOAD of functionality it contains that’s not currently exposed through the Bubble platform.

My sense (based upon forum posts) is that most Bubble users aren’t even aware that it’s used behind the scenes to automatically optimize uploaded images. Instead, it’s assumed that images are served from Amazon S3, which they aren’t. The S3 version is simply the “master” image from which context-optimized variants are auto-generated “on the fly” and hosted on / served from Imgix’s wicked fast CDN (which yields a significant performance boost - especially on mobile). In short, I think most Bubblers are unaware of the value Imgix provides - especially for image-heavy apps.

I was considering writing a plug-in to leverage some of Imgix’s un-utilized capabilities and to increase its “visibility” to Bubble users but was told by Bubble that I couldn’t do so using Bubble’s built-in support for it. Instead, I was told I should require users to enter their own key for their own Imgix account.

That didn’t make sense to me because I saw the plug-in as an opportunity to “raise awareness” of some of the value provided by the Bubble platform. :confused:

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