Please add meaningful plugin documentation, thank you

Honestly @gaurav, those first three lines barely mean anything. It’s difficult to know where to start as you are presumably so close to the topic that it is naturally completely unobvious to you what the problem is, and I am a Bubble relative newbie so it is partly my “fault” plus difficult for me to explain, but let me try.


A one word instruction is a shaky start. I would say something like, “To install the element that will ‘Extract’ data from text:”

(i) Install the ‘extract’ element on the page

I think you need to make clear that this just needs to go on the page. It doesn’t have to be doing anything - just be there. That had me stumped for ages.

(ii) The source data goes into the input on extractor

I still don’t really know what this means. I guess you mean "The input for the Extractor element is <something (still not clear to me)>.

(iii) The extracted values are accessed as This Extractor’s emails, urls, hashtags, mentions etc.

No idea what that means. Still trying to understand the above.

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Not even going there yet.

Yours is I think the first non-Bubble Plugin I tried, so maybe this level of documentation is normal. It maybe makes more sense to experiences Bubble people (judging by the comments it does) but for newcomers it is too confusing.