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Please delete this thread because I have realised that a few things i wrote are misleading people even though I did not intend to mislead people but to help them

I have tried both Ready(found in and Bubble but both of them have the same problem few commands and while Bubble has higher quality but fewer commands about 30,Ready has lower quality but more commands about 70 and i can almost guareenty that Ready is better than Bubble so i request you to try Ready before trying Bubble because Ready is easier to use and more powerful than Bubble and if you can succesfully use Ready then you can also use Bubble except when building a website because Ready can’t build a website,is also hard to debug and can’t publish aplications to any store and if you can sucesfully create an aplication with Ready then Bubble’s Paid plan will be a safe investment because if you can build an aplication with Ready then you can also use Bubble with ease and it’s paid plan will be a safe investment for you,but if you can not build an aplication with Ready then i recomand you to wait untill Bubble adds more options or use the Eve programing language(found in as it has a different design,a visual editor and commands in high quality and high quality and although i have not not used it i trust in it because of years of research gone into it and millions of dollars of investment there showing of the faith in the programing language by it’s investors on it’s quality,but I don’t belive that it will be relevant by 2020 as 80% of the people will have brain implant and it will be easier to create aplications by your thoughts,feelings and emotions and there is also visual scripting by Unreal Engine (found in and also the upcoming Viv(found in assistant software assistant by Samsung which can create software by intent.

Bubble is free as well to a certain point I believe.

Bubble does what it does, and does it well, and the bubble team are very good and have always been attentive. Once you know Bubble you know it.

Not sure if this message was a shill for another product or not. Investment dollars don’t make a difference if the team backing those dollars isn’t good. I know the latter to be true here today.


I apologize for my behaviour but I only wanted to help other customers and If my comment would have been a shill for another product I would have not listed of any of the products in my previous comment and also all of the products which I have recommended in my previous comment,are free except for Ready which is paid except for educational purposes, and Unreal Engine which takes 5% royalties on the games the person using it creates and that was added by an edit to better help customers to know the pros and cons of the best products on the Web for visual programing , and If i would have been what you said in your comment why would i do that in in Bubble’s fourm as who would expect anyone who is teaching computer science in a school to come here click thread i have created and hear about Ready and purchase it and also if you still suspect that I am doing it then I would like to tell you it will be a waste of resources.

I made a little cone with an animated rocket engine on the back in a couple of minutes :slight_smile:

Not something that Bubble could do all that easily. But then I didn’t see anything in Ready that does much beyond some simple animations and games. I couldn’t replicate any of the Bubble apps I have built in Ready, not one.

So not quite sure that this is all about.

It is a pretty nice tool for children to learn on. Once Android rolls out to ChromeOS I think my son will have fun.

But it isn’t even in the same space as Bubble for general app building. Sorry.


Maybe,but I wrote that because I saw a Ready tutoreal video which showed how Ready could simulate a musel moving with the help of a simulated brain with the player controlling it and if the muscle cells are activated for too long then they stop working and so I belive that you should see the tutorial videos of ready because I don’t think it is simple.

Just from a brief review of Ready – it is not something you use to replace Bubble. It’s only a tool to teach kids the basics of programming by making games, not applications.

Ready = Game Development

Bubble = Web/Application Development


To the best of my knowledge (and hours upon hours on the internet), I don’t think I’ve ever come across a product that is as good as Bubble.

The support of the team and community makes all the difference.