Please fix connectivity Issue with this site -- Editor Unresponsive

Please fix the Connectivity Issues with this site. Many times the editor is unresponsive for long periods of time. It is so annoying trying to work on your application with customers when the bubble platform is not working.


Yes, has just started for me too. Lots of console errors all of a sudden.

My website is also experiencing some unregular issues today (“temporary bug, please retry”).

So is mine. The editor is not loading for me.

yep…me too…like trying to knit sand.

I’ve just been playing with Bubble as I learn it. Imaging what types of things I could build as a consultant… however, I’m concerned with having to rely on bubbles infrastructure to be available and responsive.

The worse part is that it temporarily broke auto-binding for the website so some of my users were able to publish unvalid data because of that…

I think that if auto binding fails, an input field should be marked as invalid to prevent this kind of issue from happening


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