Please help! Allow customers to keep a running log in APP. Is it possible


I’m new to building apps, I have been going through many app builders and alot have told me this isn’t possible. Here is a brief description of what i would like to do on my app to allow customers to keep a running log of their animals weight and feeding.

  1. Customer downloads app and creates profile.
  2. Customer enters details of there pets name and species. (there may be multiple pets so this would need to be and still available when they next log in.
  3. the customer enters each week the weight of their pet, this is then saved as a running log, so whenever they are on the app they can easily go to previous weights, to check that the pet is putting on weight.
  4. If above is all possible then I would like to be able to offer the customer access to growth charts in app.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated, Thanks in advance

This is all doable in Bubble, it’s a really straightforward use case and there are plenty of tutorials and video courses that should set you up for success. Have you walked through the Bubble official tutorials yet?

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