Please help: Language definition not working

Hi there,

could someone please help me with the following bug? The app should be multi language. So I added the field “Language” to the User data type, and selected this field in Settings-Languages on the line “Language field on the user type”. Then I created a test page containing a dropdown (1) and a workflow behind (2), which sets the field Language of the current User to a required value. A text field below the dropdown displays the language value that has been set. The workflow finishes by attempting to refresh the page, but this automatic refresh fails (3). Only after reloading the page by pushing enter in the URL line of the browser the page reloads correctly (4). See pictures below. What is wrong?

Thanks, regards, O.

  1. Dropdown:

  2. Workflow:

  3. Automatic page refresh:

  4. Manual page refresh:

Partial answer: After adding 5 seconds of waiting time before page load it seems to work. But why the waiting? And isn’t there a better way to check whether the server is ready to load the page?

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