Please help me now so simple


SHOW IMAGE 1 IF THE INPUT REFF = one of the reff who have A1 POS for exemple

please help

Hi there, @marketinginhightech… some more context/screenshots would help here, but if you have an image element (Image 1) on a page and you want to show that element when the position associated with the reff that has been entered into an input element is A1, give this a try.

Hope this helps.


this is the page ! i want when he type and click on the button if the item REFF is A1 show the image POS A1

its to help workers to localisate the position of items

What are those red circles? Are they Ionic Icons?

its only GIF from google of localisation

@mikeloc please

@mikeloc i tried this

but dosent work

@mikeloc i tried this too

Look @mikeloc i tried to put a new entry in data base like in image and its work ! so i think the problem is in the other entries or what ?

Yeah, the condition you have in your previous reply looked like it should work. Do you still have the other entries in your database? If so, are you saying the icon doesn’t show up if you enter the reff values for any of the other A1’s?

yes, it works only with AA entrie not the real refferences i need and no worries it works with your code look @mikeloc


Are you sure the reff and position (A1) values of those entries are exactly what they appear to be? In other words, they don’t have any extra spaces or line breaks at the end, right?

At least you know how to make it work, though, so that’s good.

@mikeloc i checked that and everything i cant find the problem :frowning: anyway im so sorry disturbing you

If you send me a direct message with a link to the editor, I can poke around under the hood if you want.

@mikeloc if this is possible it would be so nice but i dont know how

The issue is exactly what I suggested two replies ago. Each of the position and reff values in your database have one or more line breaks at the end of them. I fixed the values for “CHR 10 008”, and if you put that reff in the input, it works now. You can fix the rest of the values by clicking on the pencil icon for each row and deleting the line breaks after the position and reff values.

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@mikeloc thank you so much for this big help ! you made my day

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