Please help me set a "current cell" info display to an element

I made a repeating group showing the summary of each customer’s order from a restaurant.

store location (#1 Truong Phuoc Phan / Bon Xa)
total amount,
“done” status (Yes/No),
“paid” status (Yes/No),

and I want to add a “detail button” where they can click and it would show exactly what they ordered, BUT I cannot pull the “current cell” in that.

I need to show the amount of each item they ordered!
as you can see the number “0” on each item line…
-durian etc…

how do I add “current cell” to display the number,
just like in the repeating group has,
I made the “Custom State” for each box,
when they click the [detail] button,
it would set the custom state with “current cell” value…
but it still doesn’t work ???

I’ not sure I understand the questions…

But where are you storing the ‘amount’ for each item?

Wherever that is, you just need to reference it.