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Please help me sort option sets so I can match two users!

Hey Everyone, I am creating an application where a user can decide to get a dog or give a dog. The users will both be directed to answer similar questions about the dog they want or the dog they will give and from there I want to direct them to a page where they will be matched based on their answers!

Here is a video I created to better understand my project and the problem I am facing! Please Help!!
Quality starts off bad for the first 15 seconds… sorry

Hey kryptoluna,

An easy way to achieve what you want is to do this:

  1. Give the user a couple of extra fields where you record their preferences:

  1. Create these fields for the dogs too. During the registration of a dog ask the current owner to fill out these fields:

F.i. an owner has put Marley up for adoption:

  1. When the user makes a choice, use a workflow to update these preferences (f.i. when you are using dropdowns you can use the “an input’s value is changed”-event):




  1. Add a workflow action to save the values of the inputs to the fields created in (current) user.

Do this also for the other dropdowns.

  1. On the new page where the user can select a dog, show a selection based on the value saved to the current user before:

  1. The result is that only the dogs which meet the preferences of someone looking to adopt will be shown:

The next thing to do is add a way for users to contact each other.

Thank you so much gerbertdelangen! I am going to try this out right now. Happy Holidays.

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Hey @gerbertdelangen,

I wanted to see your opinion on where I should add what you said for steps 2 and 3 for dogs? Depending on what option the user selects from the beginning they will have to answer similar questions, but what I am not exactly sure how to do, is where to start the workflow that “makes changes to a dog” and contains the fields of age, size, and periods = to the dropdown’s value.

To make this a little bit easier to understand, I am confused about where I should do step 3 with the dogs and not the user? Because I am aiming for a simple layout with this project, and I don’t want to have to add multiple pages for the registration of the dog.