Please Help. Splash Screen Setup

How can I create a splash screen and set it to automatically switch to login page after some seconds?

Just create the splash page and run a workflow after some defined amount of seconds to redirect to the login page.

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Give this plugin a try :slight_smile:

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@eli this plugin is amazing. It seems to only work on the initial page load…not every time you load new params to the URL. Exactky what I’ve been searching for.

How does it work?

I’ll ask this qusiton more specifically: My cyrrent PWA takes a long time to load which gives my users a blank white screen. Does your plugin actaully wait till the loading is complete? Or does it just wait for a specified time? Wondering if my page load took 8 seconds and your plugin was set to 5 seconds, would I still get 3 seconds of white screen?

@eli It looks like all page content needs to load before your plugin will appear. Is this correct?

So loading steps are:

  1. Load all page content.
  2. Show animation for specified time.
  3. Show page content.

With this setup, my users would still get the same amount of plain white screen.