Please help with getting IP address (I know I asked this a bunch)

I feel like I’ve asked this question too many times but I just find it weird that all my other problems get answered so quickly except for anything that has to do with getting IP address…

Can I please get help on this? I’ve looked at every thread and have tried the usual recommendations of getting through the ipiphy plugin or an API and storing it in a dynamic input field. Nothing works / returning the IP address returns nothing. I really don’t know why and every other recommendation has led me to paid services…

Why is it so hard to just get the user’s IP address? The tutorials make it seem so simple, but every time I look through the forums I just see unanswered threads with the same issue or a solution from a couple years back that doesn’t seem workable today. Please could I get help or an explanation on this? I just wanna get current user’s IP address… Anything would help Thanks!

Put a link to your editor so somebody could assess why you are not having success using the methods that should return the ip address, specifically the editor using the ipiphy plugin, because it should work.

Here is what I’m trying to do:

I don’t know if that link worked but these two photos basically sum up everything I’ve done.

What’s the URL to browse your site @sonik?
Editor doesn’t work by the way! Maybe you have to go into settings and set to ‘view for everyone’

okay try now.

That works for me when I browse

it works for you? do you know if there’s any browser settings I would have to change maybe??? (o_O)

I know in Edge, you have the padlock symbol where you can set the permissions, like so


There are similar settings in Chrome I believe

im so confused… as you can see my input bar is just empty
I made it to allow locations in settings…

Testing on Firefox. Still didn’t get an IP address, no permissions were available. Thats weird.

yeah… I tried on edge, it works, but on chrome and firefox I don’t get an ip address.

I think I found it…
Turn off your adblock plugin (0.0)
I use uBlock Origin chrome extension. Is there anyway to bypass this or ask user for perms???

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