Please I need some help with flutterwave integration

Please I need help with flutterwave integrations. I have read the documentation I have tried it with api connector it work but the problem is that it keeps showing me “invalid email” ,Please how can I do it to function well?. Thanks
Here are photos of my integrations.

The rave checkout is Flutterwave Checkout

Hi @stewartjunior01

Are you using a html button or a flutterwave API?

The error you are getting is because of the email field on your Pay button, please check if you’re capturing the right input type in the email field on your payment button.


I am using an api

Please check the email field in your pay button(workflow). you can share a screenshot if you still having an issue.


I’m having the exact same issue. Please could you explain what needs to be checked on the email field?

Did you manage to solve this? I’m having the exact same issue as you…

What I did was use an HTML tag and I added the inline code and I customise it .

Mainly the name ,email and the price by using the “current user name”

For example name:"current user name " and so on .you are set to go .

If you don’t understand u can mail me

Note that HTML tag don’t allow users to receive email or have any workflow…

Thanks! I did the same in the meantime but was hoping to get the API connector working so I could incorporate the payment function into some existing workflows.

Can you explain or make a loom?

Did you able to solve the issue?