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PLEASE make tooltips an option (Stop the insanity!)

Sadly, the Bubble editor UI is, IMO, getting more burdensome to use. It seems there are big, ugly, and worst of all, unhelpful tooltips popping up everywhere now. They serve only to clutter the UI, distract me, and derail my train of thought.

Here are just a few examples…

@bubble, if you’re going to continue to clutter the editor interface in this manner, can you please please PLEASE, in the name of all that is bubbly, provide the ability to enable/disable tooltips globally.

Bubble already has a verbose and expressive English-like syntax, and as an experienced Bubble developer, I see no value in them whatsoever. In fact, I find them extremely distracting and annoying. They make the editor more burdensome to use. Can we please have a setting to disable them?

And please make it a separate setting from the dynamic expression evaluator tips (data type tips)), as I do find those helpful.

(If anyone feels similarly, please upvote my feature suggestion by heading to the ideaboard and searching for “editor UI tooltips”.)



Agree - but should be on automatically for all apps and turned off optionally.

Makes more sense to me as a global setting across all apps, but I could certainly live with a per-app setting. I’ll gladly tick a checkbox. Just give me some control. (Seems I’m not the only one.)



Agreed. The link to the reference is useful enough to be more specific, cleaner UI is the way forward.

Maybe just have as a checkbox within the apps drop down preferences e.g. show extra context tooltips

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Hmm are these tooltips the reason why sometimes I click and suddenly I’m looking at the help site?


Yes, I’d be willing to bet that’s the reason, per my response here.


I want to program in a language that can be learned by 5 year old, yet the hand-holding drives me crazy :wink:
I have an idea, allow us to input the level of hand-holding we want. For example - First level can be “TODDLER”, then “TWEEN” on up to “JR HIGH”

In the name of all that’s Bubbly!!

Bubble developers, you can’t say no for who crafted this expression!

But seriously, tooltips are awesome for who is beginning, but as you get faster on bubbleing (it is a verb now!) it gets in the way all the time.

Worse than only cluttering, I click on them A LOT and I keep being sent to random tutorial tabs all the time.

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Hey all - just a heads up that we’ve heard the feedback! We’re going to roll this back for now and rethink how we want to improve this when folks are back from the holidays.


Thank you!

It was opening the help docs when clicking on the actual expression or feature you wanted without a tooltip even appearing which was a little frustrating.

I think it’s a great idea for freshies, but definitely needs the ability to be able to turn off…and the click sensitivity turned way down.

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Just my opinion:
1/ Used tooltips a lot and still do for reminders
2/ Yes the “click sensitivity” increased a lot since the new responsive engine. It happened multiple times that the help docs opened unexpectedly. Wouldn’t completely remove them though.

The suggested solutions to put them as an option in the settings is good for me.