Please Take the Plug-In User Poll

Hi all,

This recent post prompted me to try the polling feature of the forum. (I hope this is the proper category for it.)

As a developer who has released a plugin with both extensive documentation and demos (and who knows how time consuming that can be) and who also plans to release more plugins, I’d like to get a sense for what users find most useful - i.e. docs or working example. This is purely hypothetical, as I suspect the ideal answer is some combination thereof, but it would be helpful to know where efforts should be focused in the face of serious time constraints. (The results of the poll are anonymous, and you can’t see them unless you vote. :slight_smile:)

So, IF you had a choice of just one of the options below, which would it be?

Thanks for participating!

Plug-In User Poll

  • I prefer a good working plugin demo with edit mode access and copious comments.
  • I prefer thorough plugin documentation so that I can build from scratch without a working example.

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Yes answered but this is what in the research industry we call a loaded question!

You need to ask the user to rate the attributes of plugin documentation. Words like “Copious” comments" and “Build from scratch” aren’t going to provide proper insight you are leading for an answer.

Yes, understood. This is just a crude attempt at getting some input. :wink: Thanks for participating!

Fair enough, but I wouldn’t be making any resource or time decisions based on the popularity of one of these two answers,

BTW, by “comments”, I mean using the editor’s built-in comment system and/or text fields within the context of the demo page(s).

It seems to me that Bubble projects can be self documenting with the right approach and techniques; and since I already create working examples in the course of building a plugin, the first option would be less painful for me, but I hope to get some input from non-developer plugin users.

Is it too much to ask for both?

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I guess you missed the gist…