Please tell me about database server!

Hello everyone.
I am studying no code like everyone else.

Recently, I have something I don’t understand.

Let’s say you have created a home page for your friends.
I would like to be able to upload photos and PDFs to the homepage by myself.

Is the photo or PDF data AWS? It seems that it is stored in (Amazon’s S3 data server), but is there an upper limit on that AWS?

In my opinion, I can’t upload photos and PDF data for the capacity of the database server (Bubble’s personal plan) that can be used in my Bubble account. I think.

My friend uploads photos and PDFs to my homepage, but I’m wondering if I can only upload as much as the database capacity in my bubble account.

Would you please let me know if anyone is familiar with bubble’s database server?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you.

I believe that Bubble uses AWS for their database server. @eve might be able to confirm that for you.

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