Please, this is making me nuts. Is it a Rich Text Editor bug or am I missing something here?

Ok, so it seems the value of a RTE isn’t copied when using the Copy List of things:

This img shows two field. A multi line input and the RTE input:

According to the inspector, the value is correctly saved:

Inspector for the multi line input:

Inspector for the RTE input:

Also, when copying the list of these inputs, they are ‘loaded’ with their value:

Next step of the workflow is creating a new thing and then add these copied ‘inputThings’ to it:

Scrolling down on the evaluator:
The value of the multi line input is copied correctly:

However the value of the RTE input is copied blank:


it seems like the RTE content is being ‘autosaved’ to blank after the workflow run.

Seems to me like a privacy rule issue. Auto-binding should be ticked on. :slight_smile:

I have tested both the autobinding and this option:

Both aren’t working. When I tested with the “when RTE input changed” I was able to notice it runs an autosave where it overrides the correct value with the empty one as soon as this input is added to the current thing

Ok, I’m pretty sure this is related with what triggers the RTE to auto-saves (either via workflow or autobind) its content. for a lack of a better word, it’s ‘too sensitive’. Meaning that it easily auto-saves a new content when it’s not supposed to.

So right now I’ve made a workaround by not using any auto-bind/auto-save feature and added a button that user needs to click on to save. Now ideal, but it works for now.

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