Please welcome GIFadvice

Hello, Bubblers!

After 1,5 months of hard work, which included a final product after one month followed by an instant pivot, which took another two weeks, I am happy to showcase GIFadvice (still in beta though)!

GIFadvice is a community-driven platform for building and sharing interactive advice guides — for fun and for real.

Please give it a try (there is a short video guide), and I will be super grateful if you can share your feedback. Whatever you think, and especially if you think something critical.

Also, I want to thank all Bubblers on the forum who offered their advice along the way. Some of it was priceless. Thank you @mikeloc @patricia @julienallard1 @gaurav @boston85719 (and everyone else who posted their findings on this forum).


Hey @ryparken, thanks for your recognition, I was glad to help.

It’s a nice idea! It might turn into the next trend in social networking! I think it could help to kick start the platform if, people could complete a “GIFadvice card” and share the result on facebook and other social networks. A post could be like: Ry is a REAL cat lady. Are you? with a picture or gift of the result. Friends who see the post could then find GIFadvice with the same card to fill out + suggestions to fill more or create one.

As for the app itself, i like the color palette you chose and how to respected them through out the app. There is just one thing; when GIFs autoplay on the stream tab, the title can get hard to read with the image in background. Perhaps adding some white text shadow could help?

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I love it!!!

Actually, they don’t autoplay. It’s a system bug (cache to be precise). Some gifs just appear. But it does look like a feature, and make the entire thing a bit unpredictable, so I kept it for now. You are right though - I need to make the text visible if I want to keep it this way.

I really thought it was a feature! I find it makes the UI more attractive.

Thanks for the call out @ryparken I was happy to help.

I was wondering why you called it “GIF” but now that you explain that they are not autoplaying I know. Hope you get that sorted. I used GIFs on a previous app and the autoplayed without issue. I can’t recall how I set them up but can check if I still have access if that would help.

I tried it on my iPhone XR and when I clicked one of the advice cards I say a heading and a black page. After attempting three or four cards and wondering why I could see nothing I thought I might try scrolling and low and behold there was something down there. To be honest I would not have scrolled if I had not been wishing to respond to you. I then tried on my laptop and realised that I had not been seeing a lot of content on the home screen when using the mobile.

I think you need to at least test in some developer tools for different devices or people might just try once and give up. Perhaps it is not meant to be responsive but if that’s the case then you are probably ruling out 60% of your audience and if you plan on the social route then you definitely need mobile.

You achieved a lot for the time you’ve been on bubble and I love the concept because I love humour. Good luck with it and keep developing it.

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Hi @patricia. First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback. Much appreciated!

The app is called GIF advice for two reasons. I am using GIPHY (and gif) as the main perk and a way to add some life to the advising process. Actually, this is a second application that I’ve made — the first one was more business-like and damn boring. This one may have a potential viral effect. And second reason - I want people to share their knowledge, e.g. “give” or “gif” advice. Word play :slight_smile:

Regarding the phone issues — your experience sounds VERY strange. The app is meant to be responsive, is built responsive and tested for responsiveness in both Google Chrome (mobile view) and on several phones, including iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XR. I dismissed iPhone 5 since it’s just too much work. But it did work fine on other phones. So, I am wondering what could go wrong in your case. I will need to check and re-check.

I would very much appreciate that.

P.S. Actually, if you try to build an advice, you can also use videos and static images. That is if you need to build a “serious” guide. There is much more inside that is seen on the outside :wink:

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Congrats on the launch @ryparken
Great work!

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I understood both reasons once I heard you were using GIFs - because they were not auto-playing when I viewed the site was why I was confused. I did get the wordplay quickly and like it - fits with the site.

Today when I view on the phone I an seeing the content without rolling down the screen. Yesterday I was just seeing the heading GIF advice on the left and Gif with the X on the right and had to scroll way … down to see anything else but today it is fine. I have rebooted my phone because the battery ran out so that might be the reason. But, I still don’t see any way to get the menu of categories that I see on the laptop.

I have no idea if this will help with your GIFs but I referred back to what I did on the old app which is still working. I uploaded the GIF as type file into a data table. If I open the record in App Data and press ‘see’ I can see the GIF auto-playing there. Then on the app page, I simply used an Image and when I load the page the GIF loads and plays. But your GIFs are playing fine for me so today but I am seeing a cache problem because when I change the card to different GIF advice, I sometimes see the previous GIF/video and other times I see that GIF/video for a second or so before it is replaced by the correct one.

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Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, I only have links to GIFs since I am using GIPHY database. I am not allowed to copy anything to my DB. And yes, the cache problem is there :frowning:

Hello everyone! Just a small (actually, pretty big) update from GIFadvice. I’ve done some changes to the UI, so it’s prettier and easier to work with. But also, Bubble has featured the app in its blog as APP OF THE DAY!!! Once again, thanks to all Bubblers who answered my questions — this wouldn’t be possible without you.

If you are curious, read the story behind GIFadvice in Bubble’s blog.