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Pleasee help with :SORT

Hi all!
i am struggling with showing data from list in my rg and i need to sorte it by date added.
when i use :sorted it only sorte it alphabetically.
thank you!

Hi @husam.hamdy
There should be a field in the :sorted options where you can select a property of the RG’s list type and sort by that.

This shouldn’t happen unless there is some conflicting sort instruction.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Thanks for replying.
I know what you mean in case I do (search for ).
But because my RG is showing a list of text from one row I can’t do search for.
So I had to do for example:
Current cell text’s conversation:sort.
But it only sort it alphabetically no choice of date the list has been changed or modified.
Many thanks

Can you tell me a little about the data types and structure of the things in the RG?

Created date and Modified Date are properties of instances of a DB Data Type. So unless you have ‘conversations’ as another data type you won’t be able to sort it by date created, since it’s just text.

So from what I gather, it seems like you have a list of Texts which contain a list of Conversations (simple text) each.

In this case, I’d recommend creating a DB type called ‘Conversation’ which contains ‘body’ which is the actual text contents of the conversation. The advantage here is that Bubble will also create some standard metadata fields like Created date, Modified date, etc for each of these Conversation instances.

Now Text will contain a list of Conversations and you can sort it by creation date as you need.

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