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Plotting data returned by API connector

I am trying to plot data that my api connector returns using the Chart plugin, but have datatype issues. I don’t clearly understand how data is being handled.

Step 1:
This is the JSON my API connector receives:
During initialization of the this call, bubble recognizes both fields as lists and I set the datatypes to be “number” .

Step 2:
All I want to do is plot these against each other(MyApiCall’s Data against MyApiCall’s Time) using the Chart plugin element. But I couldn’t figure out how.

What should the data source be? All the options get in the dropdown box are ‘User’ and ‘MyApiCall’. Shouldn’t there be an option for numbers?

Not entirely sure, but I think you have to adjust the data source. Try taking off the “data” in the data source section or adding item from# to last item.