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[Pls Help!]How to change the text "Oops! Something went wrong!"

Hi everyone!
Do you know how to change text of the application text “Oops! Something went wrong!”??
I could change the others’ text on “languages” page of Settings, but there I couldn’t find “Oops! Something went wrong!”…

This alert “Oops! Something went wrong!” seems to be appearing when some plugin (in my case OneSignal Push Notifications Pro) doesn’t work properly and the Bubble itself can’t idenfity the root of problem.
I’ve fixed the problem already but I would like to change taste of the text more friendlily for further case.


Thanks! yeah, I thought there I should be able to edit the text, but there is no “Oops! Something went wrong!”…(Actually I’ve never edited the page so the texts are as default)

Do you have the “Oops! Something went wrong!” in the page?

When adding a new event, under the workflow tab. You’ll find the option ‘An unhandled error occurs’. Then you can show a Popup with any text you like. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much you genius!!!

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