Plug-in could not be loaded

I’ve got an app with a private plug-in installed. This was working fine recently but when checking today I am getting errors. I can see this message coming up:

The plugin 1536930390938x450678468821123100_current could not be loaded. Please check it exists.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the plug-in but that doesn’t help. On the plug-in itself how can I see the id that is being referenced, as in the number above?

This means that your app was set to be the testing app for the plugin, and it no longer is.

Try right-click the element and choose Replace by another element, and pick the “same” element type.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to raise a bug report to get it fixed.

thanks I have tried that. We also seem to have something weird going on - the app seems to be linked to an old copy of the plug-in that we no longer have installed.

I’ll raise a bug.

@mishav FYI I have made some progress on this issue. It appears that the plug-in referenced was an old copy of the plug-in I am using. The strange thing is that the old plug-in copy was not listed on the list of installed plug-ins for the app. I think this is by design so that removing a plug-in does not delete all the workflow references straightaway. It is a bit confusing though.

I have uninstalled all plugs-ins from the app and am now starting a new page from scratch.

Good that you made progress!

Hopefully this helps to avoid problems when adding the same plugin back in.