Plug-In to let user download all data

Is there a decent plug-in that will let my user just download all their data into a text or csv file? I have an app for writers and the writers may include notes; summaries; research; etc. The app presents and prints all this information in a nice format. But some of my users are older and don’t always trust the cloud. I’d like to give them the ability to just click a button and all their data is downloaded locally. It doesn’t have to be any type of format. It just needs to be there. Thanks!

+1 on this request as it could be quite useful for the “Access” and “Portability” requirements for GDPR data privacy compliance. Having a single button that would package up a user’s data would be really helpful. Understood that when it comes to a site that includes comments on other customers’ posts for example would be more complex, but even having some basics would be a great start.

@Quisp and @joe.mefford,

Have you thought about displaying their data in a repeating group and letting them choose what to download as a CSV? With this type of plugin it should be an easy one-click download for each data type.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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