Plug-ins not appearing on page

I need to display a mathematical operation on my page, but am unable to because none of the plugins are working and the mathematical operations using the textbox just return what I wrote (ex: if I wrote 5+5, it would show in Preview as 5+5)

I have tried:
Instant Calculator

Every single one of them, using inspect, say: “this element is visible no”

I have all of them set to “visible on page load” and have tried setting up conditions that force them to be visible (ex: if a text box at the top, which is always there, is visible, then the plugin must be visible)

Any clue as to what is going on?

Are they in a group that is not visible? Inspect all parent to be sure
And also all possible conditionnal

I have put it in a group that everything else is in, and all the other things are visible. I will submit a screenshot so you can see