[Plugin Announcement]: Scrollspy

Hi @BubbleSam

I’m using Scrollspy since a few months already and I love it!

1 issue I just ran into: The Scrollspy doesn’t work properly if it has to detect the current index of a repeating group inside a repeating group. Since the Repeating group ID of the Scrollspy stays the same, eventhough it is placed inside another repeating group, it only detects the current index of the repeating group with the same ID, which is the Repeating group in the first cell of the outer RG.

Is this fixable?

Hmm I think it’s not possible then?

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply.
Humm not sure it will work properly for RGs inside of a RG…
We are on holidays this week, will try to test it as soon as we can!

Hi @BubbleSam ,

This plugin still supports the old responsive engine?

I purchased the plugin to use it in a vertical rg but I it is not identifying the current item.

This are my settings:

Am I doing something wrong?

Sure, it support the old engine!

Could you please try to downgrade to the 2.3.2 version?

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Downgrading fixed it, thanks

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Hey @BubbleSam do you know any way that I can record how much time a user spends viewing the “current item” ?

Example: if current item was an instagram post. I would like to know how much time the user spended watching that post.

I think you can find a timer plugin or write a custom JS code to run a timer every time you get an event that the “current item” is on the screen

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Hi @BubbleSam :
Thanks for the plugin, we’ve purchased it and started using it. One question we did have: would it be possible to push an update where the repeating group did not have to go under the top of the screen? I’ll attach a screenshot, but essentially we’re building a chat feature and need to know when a user has seen a chat message. However, the floating group is always in the bottom right-hand corner, meaning it will never pass under the top. I’ve tried using percentages of 0, 1, 99, and 100 but to no avail. Thanks for your help!

Hi @BubbleSam,

I put version 21 on Bubble and the scrollspy doesn’t work anymore. I think that the Bubble refacto on the CSS is not compatible with the Javascript function of the plugin. Here is a screenshot of the bug it generates.
If you can make an update to fix the problem that would be great!

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Same problem with two of my apps. Sent the email with a help request to the plugin’s support, no answer for more than a week :frowning:
@BubbleSam can you take care of this?


just spent the past hour setting this up and wondering what the hell I was doing wrong, only to find out it’s a new bug with the engine…bummer.


Ah I wished I came to the forum earlier. I had just paid for it and was wondering for the life of me why it didn’t work (the non-repeating group one).

@BubbleSam do you have any updates around this?

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to use your plugin in Rg vertical, I followed exactly what was in the DOCS, but it’s not working.

Do you know what could it be?


Just purchased the plugin, but cannot for the life of me get the current index to populate. I’ve tried this on both the vertical scroll RG and class options and neither seem to work. I just get blank values for current ID / index.

@BubbleSam Is this plugin still supported? Can you help some of us out who are having trouble getting this to work?

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I followed the instruction for the Vertical Repeating group, but it doesn’t work! The Inspection of the states in the debug mode says that the states Current Item and Current index are always empy!

I have totally the same problem! (((

Unfortunately the vertical repeating group element doesn’t work for me either. Seems like there is no support around here.