[Plugin Announcement] Stripe Plugin v3

Thank you for your reply, precious information.
I’m actually re-organising the page accordingly.

@tj-bubble Hi! Thanks for this simple to use plugin.

Is there any way we can allow users to add their company name, address and VAT info before payment? I have customers from Europe and they always need me to manually regenerate invoices for them AFTER they pay, which is really a painful process.

I read somewhere Stripe doesn’t have a company name field (duh!), but I’m sure someone must have found an easier workaround? Thanks.

Javy, I assume you mean allowing customers to enter more information on the Stripe checkout screen? We would have access to adding to Bubble the items for the Stripe Checkout “Create a Session” API, which are here: Stripe API reference – Create a Session – curl

I do see Billing Address Collection as an option, or maybe even “customer_update.name” and “customer_update.address” could work.

Might be helpful to also submit your idea to Ideaboard | Bubble to get it on the list of priorities.


Yep thanks. So I’ll need to use the Stripe API for this.

@tj-bubble How do I force the Checkout to show the price & tax if I’m using Stripe Tax’s automated calculation instead of setting the tax rate(s) manually? I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while without any success. Thanks in advance.

Hey, sorry to hear about your experience here. Stripe Tax is on our roadmap already, but I will bump some product managers on this thread so they are also aware of your situation. Thanks for bringing this up!

cc) @grace.hong @nickc

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@tj-bubble Thanks for listening, I’m looking forward to the update, whenever it arrives.

PSA: I’ve also heard back from @copilot in the meantime. They said they were working on an update which would bring support for Stripe Tax and the new Payment Element. And it sounds like it’s coming in a couple of weeks! :crossed_fingers:


Hi there :wave: I’m still experiencing this issue when trying to use the Bubble Stripe plugin to onboard Express accounts. For the time being, I just rebuilt the necessary calls using the API connector, but, of course, this isn’t ideal. Since I must save the connected account ID’s from stripe in a separate field on the user table, I can’t use the other built-in Stripe actions like “transfer to seller,” which require a user object, as opposed to a Stripe ID, for the “seller” parameter. Am I missing something, or is it still not possible to onboard Express accounts using the Bubble V3 plugin?

Stripe Plugin v3 supports SCA. How can I be sure that SCA is always used and not in some countries? I don’t see a workflow element that forces SCA. That is not so clear for me. I need to be sure SCA is always active during checkout to reduce chargebacks.
Is there a field or setting that I can check or switch on?

I believe this is automatically done on the Stripe side based on the card that is used, you can test this out by putting in the test cards on this page that have different scenarios (3DS enabled for example): Testing | Stripe Documentation.

I’d recommend reading Stripe’s documentation regarding SCA if you haven’t already: Strong Customer Authentication readiness | Stripe Documentation

Yes with this card 4000002760003184 I always see the SCA in action with the V3 Stripe plugin, I was only worrying that for some cards in some regions the SCA will not be active. But it looks like it is. Thx @tj-bubble .

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I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet in this thread: checkout v3 goes to a Stripe domain, which at least for me breaks tracking in Google Analytics. Is there any way to fix this?

Let’s say 3 people come to my landing page. 1 came from a paid ad, one organically, and one from social media. Then they all click “subscribe” and go to the signup page. I can track that they all went to the sign up page, but then they go over to Stripe to pay. Let’s say 2 get cold feet and only one of them pays, and then is redirected back to into my app. I can register that conversion, except the source is “referral - Stripe” so I can’t see whether the sale came from that ad, organically, social, etc. I can’t see which of my marketing efforts is working.

Is there any way to set up the checkout v3 workflow to maintain Google Analytics tracking continuity?

Hi there!

Do I understand correctly that this plugin only allows to use Stripe Checkout (where a user is directed to a separate URL), but it doesn’t allow for Payment Element - an embeddable UI from Stripe, which would allow the user to stay in the same, familiar interface of my app: Stripe Payment Element | Stripe Documentation

Is there a way to use Stripe’s Payment Element in a Bubble app?

Hey, unfortunately this isn’t yet implemented in the official stripe plugin built by Bubble, but it’s possible a 3rd party plugin has done it. We do want to add this feature, and it’s on our list, I just don’t have an ETA at this point.

Hi guys,

Anything changed on this feature? Are you going to implement it?

I would recommend to check event actions. You probably can overcome problem with those. Or you can end up your analytic flow on the moment the click pay (than you fire event in google analytics and that’s it).

And question on methods? Are there plans to introduce payment methods selection to plugin?

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Not sure if you noticed, but stripe recently rolled out embeddable pricing pages. I haven’t tried it yet, but you’d get to stay within your app.

@chaostorm - curious what you ended up doing to circumvent the stripe automatic_tax[enabled]=true component. @tj-bubble - have you seen any progress on your end?