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[Plugin Announcement] Stripe Plugin v3

Hi - so unfortunately, Stripe does not share tax rate ids from a parent stripe account across connected accounts, as each seller is responsible for setting their own products and tax rates. This obviously presents an issue in your use case as the sellers do not have access to this workflow. One way to workaround this would be to instruct your sellers to establish a Tax Rate in their Stripe connected account dashboard and provide them an input to store this tax_rate_id on the User Data Type. This process could be a part of your seller onboarding flow or verification process. Then, you would dynamically specify the tax rate id from the seller account. Hope this helps!


does this mean the old webhooks set up to check if user charges failed, using no longer work as you use paymentintents?
In this case can you please update the bubble manual to the working way.
Examples and Walkthroughs - Bubble Docs use

Actually we fixed a bug earlier this week regarding this, where we were storing the incorrect charge ID when using Payment Intents in certain situations. So going forward, all the charge ID’s should be correct. Unfortunately the incorrect ones still persist. One thing you can do is manually fix the charge ID’s you stored on your Custom Data Types for those that were incorrectly stored, by looking on the Stripe side in the failure message it should have the correct charge ID in the message

Thanks for your fast answer. Just to make sure we are not talking past each other.
So I had 40 errors with Stripe since 2 weeks but before this webhook, where on stripe I set to listen for the charge event (charge failed succeeded etc) worked. Do you expect it to still work (I made 0 changes compared to when it worked the last 6 months)

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.


I updated my app to plugin V3 and new sign-ups are no longer able to process payment. What should I be adding to the workflow to the payments process correctly again


I also reached out to bug report and they weren’t able to assist. Who has successfully set this up?

It looks like you are using the charge action provided by another plugin, not Bubble’s official Stripe Plugin.

In short, V3 uses another API to collect cards.
To create a charge, you need to use Payment Intents API (which is much better), not the Charge API.

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My app has two (when I set it up the instructions required both, the Bubble one has secret keys and the other one has the bearer token). This error only took effect when I updated the Bubble one to V3 (V2 is no longer supported so reverting won’t work). Not sure how to fix it now

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Any idea how to set up Payments Intents API. Here’s the workflow that triggers a charge

Please test it out using the Stripe.js - PaymentIntent - Create action:



Step 1:

Step 2:

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Thank you so much for your help. + don’t mean to bother, I want to test this out now but before I do, to confirm, on my existing workflow above, I’m replacing step 4 (marketplace stripe charge with the following:

Action>payment > stripe.js payment intents - create


Yes. You need to add two steps.
Step 1 - charging without confirming.
Step 2 - confirmation action.
On my screenshots, you can notice that I’m not using Stripe Connect. It looks like you need to include it since you’re using the Marketplace (Connect) flow.

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After setting up Bubble’s official Stripe plugin (checkout v3), all credit card transactions made with Stripe Brazilian test card (4000000760000002) are declined.

I use the plugin action ‘Charge the current user’ in a simple workflow run after a PAY button is clicked.
Stripe logs always show the same issue => Status of PaymentIntent: requires_payment_method. Meaning that the payment method is missing in the PaymentIntent parameters. I don’t know how to fix that in Bubble. I correctly filled all the fields of ‘Charge the current user’ action and there is nothing at all about ‘payment_method’ or’PaymentIntent’.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Has anyone encountered this error? I’m using the official bubble stripe plugin and the pay button has been collapsed to that little grey line on the left.

Hey there @warformstudios,

I recommend upgrading to V3 to get the new stripe checkout.

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ahh ok, switching to v3 fixes the problem, thx

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No problem! :blush:

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@johnny don’t mean to bother but any idea how to resolve an error like this? it’s quite bizarre, even had to revert back to v2 which was working before but doesn’t work anymore (error remains). Not sure if upgrading API version on Stripe does anything either

Hey there @lizzyazuya,

Do you have a screenshot of your workflow setup? Are you using the official Bubble plugin rather than the CoPilot one?