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[Plugin Announcement] Stripe Plugin v3

It sure does! Thank you!

I updated the announcement after our discussion with Stripe, the V2 functionality should continue to work after that date. Stripe does recommend moving away from the legacy checkout. Sorry for the confusion and let us know if there are any issues with V3 if you decide to upgrade.

@tj-bubble Hi TJ!

Please note that the documentation does not provide information yet on these two new v3 actions:


I am particularly interested in understanding more about the “transfer to seller” action. Please see below


Any comments/guidance would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ah yes, apologies for the missing documentation.

This action uses the Stripe Transfer API and is used to send a sum of money from a Stripe account to a Connected account. The only required fields are the amount, the currency, and the seller (connected account) you’d like the money to go to. This money will be drawn from the parent stripe account. Optionally, a source charge ID can be used as the source of the transfer (an authorized charge would have to be created ahead of time) and the Transfer Group is a custom text string that is stored as part of the Transfer Object used to identify individual transfers as a part of a group of transfers.

I will add this missing documentation, thanks and hope this helps!


The Stripe-Account header is optional and left blank if not working with connected accounts.

My plugin uses the optional header. I believe bubble hasn’t integrated this header.

The transfer group is just a reference that you define yourself. Imagine having 1000 sellers from Amazon, you want to group them together with a group label.

Makes it easier to search for it inside your Stripe dashboard.

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What is best use case of “make a card new default” in subscribing user to a plan? What would be the proper workflows for the following scenario? Thanks.

@syhsamantha Actually if on the first action of this workflow"Collect the user’s CC information" if you check the box “Update existing main card” it should set this as the user’s new default card.

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@nickc @tj-bubble Hi guys!

Do you know if “transfer to seller” can be tested in Stripe’s dev mode?

Any restrictions for Europen countries perhaps?

The features in Stripe Plugin v3 are very useful.

One suggestion: Can they return as much information as possible from the Actions? For example, for any actions that create a customer, it would be very helpful to have the customer_id available for subsequent actions in the workflow.

So how does Create Payout compare to Transfer to Seller? I understood from Bubble support that v2 Create Payout is used to transfer funds to a seller.


Is the v3 behavior the same as v2 regarding failed charges? In v2 there is no way to identify a failed charge (since the workflow terminates at the Charge action) other than an “On Error” action with some fancy footwork to figure out if the error is indeed stripe related.


How onerous is the Connect onboarding with v3? Can someone explain the process please? Is it too cumbersome for a non business that’s receiving just a few micropayments a day (for example, a solo DoorDasher receiving tips)? Would Venmo or Paypal make more sense?

Thanks much for any feedback/experience with this.