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Plugin Announcement: Video Chat

I have this issue. Did you found solution?

I gave up using the video chat. Never got it working. :cry: Too bad, I would have liked to use it to make an idea I had. Maybe they will fix it in the future. :man_shrugging:t2:

This plugin has incredible potential and I do have the core video conferencing working. The performance is really good and getting a full-screen mode works really well too.

Unfortunately, there are some areas I can’t get to work. I’ve logged the following with their Support team and am wondering if anyone else is having the same troubles?

  1. Close Room is not working, I did confirm this on my Twilio logs. I had to go Back on browser to stop it, and even then I was logged an extra minute.
  • Opened session at 19:23
  • Tried Close Room at 19:25 (BTW – nothing happens on the Twilio control when Close is pressed. Video still going strong)
  • Hit Back on browser at 19:26
  • Charged for 8.81 minutes of time divided 2 for 4.4 minutes for one user. Which is at least 1 minute over the time I spent.
  1. Mute and Unmute are not working. I’ve tested this again on a Live version and not working.
  2. Hide and Show video are not working.
  3. Still can’t get anything to work in Dev mode – do see the progress bar speed across the top of the page and the video light on my laptop turns on but then off right away.

Thanks for any help🙏

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Ok, so I have it working now and everything looks great and working with good performance!

This is how I got it going.

  1. I created a blank page with nothing on it.
  2. Placed the Video Chat control on the page (important, don’t put it inside any container)
  3. Added HTML control with this code (remember to add the angle brackets on style tags below):

“style>div#video{width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important; position: fixed !important; top: 0 !important; left: 0 !important; margin-left: 0 !important; } div.fullwidthpopup .bubble-r-box , div.fullwidthpopup .RepeatingGroup, div.fullwidthpopup .HTML{ width: 100% !important; height: 100% !important;}</style”

  1. BTW - This code makes it look good at all the resolutions I tried except for mobile in portrait views… not horrible but not ideal.
  2. Added a bunch of icons to test out each method (Start, Join, Mute etc.)

My initial theory was that when the Video Chat control is within a group it doesn’t work.
So, I put it in a group and it still worked. Then I added groups within that group and added floating groups and buttons and text etc. I could not find a way to break it again!!?

In closing, if you’re having trouble with this control know these three things:

  1. It does indeed fully work and has really good performance and responsiveness.
  2. Adding that resizing code above is key for responsiveness.
  3. Start with a basic setup and then slowly build off of it, ensuring it works the whole time…
    3a. This is the screenshot of my initial setup where it was fully working… big red box is the Video Chat control:
    Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 11.11.29 AM|690x271
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Hi there. Does this plugin allow users to create one-to-one rooms via Twilio’s WebRTC Go solution that was announced earlier this year?

Hey there.

Anyone notice issues with Video Chat not working on older iPads? I tested it on an iPad Air 2 and an older version.

We got Zoom to work on those machines but not Twilio’s Video chat.

Is there a minimum requirement?


The controls don’t work sadly.

Do you have it working with more than 2 participants? The responsiveness is unworkable for me. The rest of the functionalities are working for me, and quite flawless.

I’ve not tested it with more than two participants.

Then the fun begins…

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I had the same issue and it was very frustrating to figure out.

This is how I got it going.

  1. I created a blank page with nothing on it.
  2. Placed the Video Chat control on the page (important, don’t put it inside any container)
  3. Added a bunch of icons to test out each method (Start, Join, Mute etc.)

It worked flawlessly once I did this. My sense is that when I first put it in, the element glitched in some way (I’ve had other elements react like this and needed a refresh or replacement).

So, try out a blank slate approach as I did.

After that, I could add all kinds of groups and complexity with no ill effects on the video-chat control.

Sorry to hear it, I’ve no need for group chats just yet.

Hi @david17 , were you able to do a recording of your web-chat session and retrieve the Mp4 file through bubble? If so, would mind sharing some insights? I have no ideia on how to do it.

hey @sam8 is there a recording for the meetup? would love to see!

I am looking for the webinar, I get a black screen with the 2nd user and I cannot make this plugin work…

what’s the trick you used to make it work?any good samaritan?

plug in or API direct calls?