Plugin Bounty: Near Protocol

Hello Builders,

There’s an opportunity for Bubble Plugin Builders to build a plugin for Near Protocol.

NEAR is all about being the most accessible blockchain, and that includes giving opportunities to people who are not traditional developers to deploy apps on NEAR.

Near has posted a Bounty to build a Bubble Plugin on their Github.. The $ amount of the bounty is to be decided based on the time it would take you to implement.

You can read more about Near’s API and other docs here.

I think this is a really good opportunity for Bubble Plugin Builders to build something that would add tremendous value to no-coders and the Near community alike, and be able to be compensated fairly for doing it.

I’m passionate about No-Code and Crypto, been going deep into Near for the last couple of months, so I’d be happy to help any Plugin builders tackle this challenge if needed :slight_smile:

Let me know if anyone is interested!


Hey is this still open? Definitely interested!

please do it) :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

How did this go?

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The bounty was closed because the person who requested was no longer interested