[Plugin] Chain Scan - ETH BSC Polygon by EazyCode

Chain Scan - ETH BSC Polygon

Etherscan, Polygonscan and BSCscan APIs in one plugin.



  • Ether Balance for a Single Address
  • Ether Balance for Multiple Addresses
  • List of All Transactions By Address
  • List of Internal Transactions By Address
  • List of ERC20 Token transfers by Address
  • List of ERC721 Token transfers by Address
  • Historical Ether Balance for Address By BlockNo

Contracts (for verified contract source codes):

  • Get Contract ABI
  • Get Contract Source Code


  • Check Contract Execution Status
  • Check Transaction Receipt Status


  • Get Estimated Block Countdown Time by Block
    Returns the estimated time remaining, in seconds, until a certain block is mined.
  • Get Block Number by Timestamp
  • Get Daily Block Rewards


  • ERC20-Token TotalSupply by ContractAddress
  • Historical ERC20-Token TotalSupply by ContractAddress
  • Historical ERC20-Token Account Balance for TokenContract by BlockNo
  • Get Token Info by ContractAddress

Gas Tracker:

  • Get Estimation of Confirmation Time
  • Get Gas Prices
    Returns the current Safe, Proposed and Fast gas prices.
  • Get Daily Average Gas Limit
  • Get Chain Daily Total Gas Used


  • Get Total Supply of chain token
  • Get Total Supply of Ether 2
    Current amount of Ether in circulation, ETH2 Staking rewards and EIP1559 burnt fees statistics.
  • Get Daily New Address Count


While you are testing, you can use the default “YourApiKeyToken”, write it exactly as is.
Then you can generate an APY key on etherscan, polygonscan or bscscan for free.

For some API calls you will need PRO API Key.
List of API calls that works with pro key only:
API PRO Endpoints - Etherscan

Demo: https://ezplugins-demo-3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/chain_scan
Marketplace: Chains Scan API Plugin | Bubble

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