[PLUGIN] ChatGPT Live Stream ToolKit

Real-Time Data Streaming! No more waiting for large data blocks – now enjoy instant, dynamic content updates that elevate user experience. See it in action, just like you see here with ChatGPT.

Please ensure that you take adequate precautions to safeguard your API Keys, as this plugin utilizes an element positioned on the page. It’s important to protect the key by implementing privacy rules that align with the access permissions of the current user.

:white_check_mark: Compatible with various ChatGPT Modals

:white_check_mark: Unlock the Assistant Mode for added flexibility and control

:white_check_mark: Manage temperature levels

:white_check_mark: Identify when an ongoing stream is in progress

:white_check_mark: Optionally Track Message History

:white_check_mark: Use your key or let your end-users employ their OpenAI key


We will be regularly updating and taking care of this plugin. If you have any new features you’d like to request, please leave a comment below or send an email to info@nocodeventure.com.

I’m very excited to try this!

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Does the plugin allow me to send files and/or json to ChatGPT?

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You can set the message history in JSON, as for files that’s currently not implemented. However, i’d like to hear more about that. Feel free to send me a message.

Exciting update:

This version of the plugin introduces enhanced conversation tracking and callback functionality, improving the interaction with the OpenAI API. With these new features, users can now manage and track conversations more effectively.

Conversation ID Tracking:

  • The plugin now supports dynamic updating of the conversation ID with each call. This ensures that each conversation can be uniquely identified and tracked throughout its lifecycle.

Callback URL Functionality:

  • A callback URL feature has been added, allowing the plugin to send the response of the OpenAI API call to a specified URL. This is useful for workflows that require external processing or logging of the API responses.
  • The callback URL is an optional field. If provided, the plugin sends a POST request to this URL with the response data upon completion of the OpenAI API call.

Upgrade Instructions: Existing users are recommended to update to this latest version to take advantage of the new features. Please note that the conversation ID is now a mandatory input for tracking conversations. Ensure to provide this ID in your application workflow where the plugin is used, along with the conversation id and the user’s ID

New update

Callback now includes the latestMessages in text and json format.

Hi There! Would it be possible to get this to work using ChatGPT provisioned in Azure?

You can ‘provision’ this in Bubble and integrate it with Azure. Hope that helps.

The plugin does not have an integration with Azure.