Plugin Conflict: BDK + VideoJS Advanced + SVG Icon

I have isolated a bug in my project caused by some conflicting plugins.

Plugins involved:

They all work fine separately. But when I place an SVG icon + BN-appinfo + VideoJS Player on the same page, the SVG icon breaks. I can remove either the BN-appinfo or the VideoJS Player and it works fine, but all 3 on the same page will not. And since I have a one-page app, using these 3 plugins anywhere on the site will break all my icons.

Here’s the console log. The warnings are coming from VideoJS, the error is from SVG Icon.
Not sure how to debug this any further and I would really appreciate some advice.

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Did you ever figure out a fix to this?

If you load your page, with all 3 plug-ins enabled, but have it load with step by step on and start clicking the ‘run next’ button until all workflows have finished, does it still throw the error then?

Put up a URL to that page and someone might help more. We need to see it to figure it out :slight_smile:

It seems to have been resolved by BDK updating their plugin. Switching back to older versions would still result in the same error.

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