Plugin Developer Needed for SSO with AAD

I’m looking for a plugin developer that can build a plugin that will allow users to SSO into a Bubble app using their corporate Azure Active Directory accounts.

There are a few third party SSO services with Bubble plugins. However, because our clients’ applications have strict security requirements, we don’t/can’t use these services. So we’re looking for a developer that can build a private plugin for us to use in various applications we build for our clients.

Please DM me with any questions or responses. Thanks!

Would it be an idea to contact the developers of those plugins and cut a deal with them

Maybe you can implement it by yourself via the api connector.

I found that there is a documentation on how to to that:

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Hey did you end up finding someone for this? Got to do something similar and explore how much it would cost for a freelancer to set up.

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Hi Shashi,

We have done numerous Azure AD integrations across our apps and sub apps for clients and I have this 100% down pat.

There are some nuances so its best we speak and I can answer any questions you have.


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Thanks to everyone who responded here or in DM! We’ve chosen a plugin developer to work with and are proceeding accordingly.

Yes we did. Our clients are law firms, which have highly strict security, procedural, and legal requirements that we (and our contractors) have to comply with, especially when connecting with their AAD. As a result, we ended up going with a developer known and trusted in the legal IT community. If you don’t have strict requirements like this, I got a lot of DMs of developers that said they could do it. Happy to pass along a list.