Plugin developer needed, will pay for help

Hi all,

We’re currently looking for a developer to make a plugin to process ACH payments with BrainTree. If you’re interested please DM me and we’ll discuss further :slight_smile:

Hi @evanlitttle,

I can help.
Please check PM.


@wegetdesign is releasing its gocardless plugin soon. It allows direct debit payments worldwide and much better then braintree.

I have it in private beta and it works great.

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Thanks for the tip Codeables. Just curious why do you prefer GoCardless over BrainTree? We’re looking to connect with BrainTree because of the really low fees per transaction

Okay add me on Hangouts let me help you out on Hangout

Their hosted payment pages look much better then Braintree. They are both PCI compliant. With Braintree you can use a custom design, but you have to serve it within an iframe.

At the end of the day it’s purely your own choice.

@nocodeventure Thank You for the mention, we have just had the GoCardless plugin approved by Bubble - please see link