Plugin Development/Test on Branches/Versions other than main

I work in a team and can’t do my plugin development on Main. However, when I am in another branch/version, the plugin testing mode doesn’t update properly. Anyone have tips on how to do plugin dev on other branches besides main?


I’d probably submit a bug report with the specific issue you’re seeing.

I’ve used plugins in testing mode on custom branches with the old version control system without any issues (at least not that I stumbled across haha). As long as when you visit the plugins tab on the custom version, you see the testing mode plugin, you should be fine.

One time I thought I had an issue but it was due to me calling my app via an API call and I needed to update the endpoint to refer to the correct custom version instead of /version-test.

If you’re experiencing issues with the new version control then it’s probably worth flagging that to the Bubble team so they can investigate.

Just in case this is the issue or if anyone hasn’t come up with a good solution. I use this code in my initialize to make sure I am always requesting to the correct url endpoint. I can also use to determine when it is ok to console.log() so I don’t have to delete before pushing to production.

//Getting Version Pathname = "/" + window.location.pathname.split('/')[1]
//Determining if environment is testing or production
if( === 'version-live' || !'version')){ = false = ""
} else { = true
//Determines the api endpoint url based on version = function(isObj, endpoint, id){
    let url;
    id === undefined ? id = '' : id = `/${id}`
        url = `https://example${}/api/1.1/obj/${endpoint}${id}`
    } else {
        url = `https://example${}/api/1.1/wf/${endpoint}`
    return url

Thanks! I have submitted a bug. When I develop on Main, a change in the plugin, triggers a change in the “preview” of the app. However, when I am “previewing” another version, changes in the plugin don’t trigger the change in the “preview”. On the other version plugin tab, I do see my plugin with (Testing) appended to the name.