Plugin Development Tutorials (With Code) for Bubble

Great. I will wait then. Looks like an interesting course

Hey @nocodeventure,

We had a technical issue with our video provider that was resolved same-day! Hope your intern is able to take advantage of the material with minimal downtime. Feel free to give us a shout over at if you’re still running into issues and we’d be happy to take a look. :slight_smile:

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hi @syedibrahim1388 I don’t if you are still interested in this topic but I’ve just released a new course on how to develop custom plugins for Bubble, that includes:

  • a detailed explanation of the Bubble plugin editor;
  • how to create plugin’s elements, actions and dealing with data/REST APIs;
  • how to integrate a JS library in the plugin;
  • a boilerplate project plugin that pulls data from Twitter and performs a sentiment analysis using a JavaScript machine learning library.

More info here



new link to the course Superbuild — Break through your limits by mastering Bubble Plugins


Hi @copilot I’m keen on the plugin course! But is there like a community or a trainer I can reach out to whenever I’m stuck?

i need help please @copilot

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CoPilot plugin course is good quality, has nice explanations. a bit out of date (missing features, incorrect information)

super build is spotty, not much value here (I could have made the first three videos just guessing). recommend you not waste your money (no refund if you are not located in Europe)

Your feedback could be a bit more constructive. Care to elaborate ?

gosh, it wasn’t meant to be constructive, as I am angered to discover I cannot get a refund! however, … the first three videos provided very few insights into why I ought to fill in any of the plugin creation input fields. Ahem, why bother making such a video? Why charge so much (better ones are cheaper!)? Why not provide a way to get a refund? Why not build the refund mechanism into a web page referenced from your refund explanatory material. Feels amateurish, unfriendly, poorly crafted, unfamiliar with the competition. Sigh.

Interestingly, in reply to an email I sent to Matteo, he granted me a refund. He did not mention whether this will now be his standard policy; but it appeases my anger … for which I am grateful (I’m not a wealthy bugger).

Hey, @sand :wave:

If you have any specific questions, the community may be able to help you out to! Feel free to ask

@sand man, you purchased the course 2 days ago.
You sent me an email asking for a refund tonight (I was sleeping).
I woke up, read the email, and immediately sent a refund right away (without reading these posts).

And now I’m reading this. What can I say?

Sorry if you didn’t enjoy the courses.
BUT try to be kind to makers that give their best to produce content online.

I’ve got 400+ customers and you’re the first one who complains, plus your manners are inappropriate and aggressive.



Despite the tone of my comments, I do hope you take my feedback to heart and not dismiss it out of hand. That said, my aggression was a response to your NO REFUND policy. The rest of my message can be taken as friendly advice, if you can take it that way. Your plugin development video needs a lot more explanation and I recommend redoing it. I do apologize for what you seem to take as flaming you, I confess I was having a bad day and your refund policy pushed me well over the edge. Your delivery is friendly and your voice is nice to listen to.

I saw from your LinkedIn that you are a Senior Software Engineer with more than 30+ years of experience.

I think that this course is not for you: I created the video content for those who are not into engineering and coding.

This is why the content is simple, actionable and straight to the point.

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@vini_brito Can you please elaborate a lil bit on where to put this code to make a div? I am trying to make a button and editing your code to make a html button but nothing on editor is showing up.

Putting this code in: ELEMENT CODE code tab

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@zaeem.javed1 try this

Can be in your initialize or update code


@jared.gribb Thankyou for the help!

For anyone in future, This documentation is most beginner friendly:

Also, If you wanna see a element demo you can see here:


Put together a video tutorial earlier this week on how to build basic bubble plugins - might be of interest to those on this thread!


I too have launched the course to learn plugin development-

Checkout here- Plugin Development Course - Enhance Functionality