Plugin Development: Update all instances of an element and using uploaded assets

Hi Plugin Builders,

I’m new to plugin development, or rather revisiting it after trying and failing previously. I have an almost working plugin this time, but I have a few last hurdles to overcome. The answers to the following questions would help me immensely and I would be grateful for any advise you can give.

  1. Is there a way to refer to all instances of an element and set a published state for all of them at once? So let’s say a page has two instances A and B of my plugin element, I’d like to create an action that forces both of them to recalculate and spit out a published state, based on their respective property values. Is this possible?

  2. By extension, I would also like this to work for instances within a Repeating Group. I suspect that this is a little trickier, but perhaps using unique id attributes might help here?

  3. Finally, if I have uploaded some assets with my plugin, how do I refer to them and use them without the app having to download them? So let’s say I have image A and image B as assets and depending on what the user enters as a property value, I want to display one or the other of the images in an image element, how can I do this, without the app having to download the images?