Plugin editor API Calls use data to dropdown fields in elements

Hi! I was wondering if this is possible to do?

I’m creating a custom plugin where the data source comes from 3rd party external APIs. So I set up the API requests in the API Calls section of the plugin editor.

Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to get the results of those API requests in an element and map those results in their specific fields on that element.

For example, the list of “vehicles” returned by this API I was wondering if it’s possible to map the “id” and “name” to a dropdown field in an element?

Do you mean a Bubble dropdown or you want to create the dropdown in the plugin editor as a new element?

I want to create the dropdown in the plugin editor as a new element. Is that possible?

If you want to do that, you will need to call the API in the element, not using API Connector. (Or the user will need to add the Get Data from API himself into a field of the element).

Hi Jici!

My apologies, I may have misunderstood what I wanted to do at first :sweat_smile:. What I wanted to do was to map the data to specific dropdown fields in the element’s property editor.

Would that be possible to do in Bubble’s plugin editor?