Plugin: Family Tree

Hello Friends,

I am looking to create something similar to a family tree. Essentially - visualizing a hierarchy of user profiles… Does anybody know of any plugins or a method to accomplish this?


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Late reply, but might be useful for others stumbling on this post : I use the below plugin for displaying a planning / hierarchy of tasks and I’m sure it can be used for a family tree as well:

hi @ivo.jonker - been using your tree chart plugin for a while now and I like it. however, I am trying to add more than one line of content under the title. I tried using
in the source text and selecting “treat content as HTML,” but this is not working (still showing one line, with the
as text… any suggestions?

Hello Alfonso!

Good you @mentioned. One way indeed would be to utilize HTML in your label. A “new line” would be represented by <br> . So:


Alternatively you might go for the “pre formatted text” tag, which will honor your line-endings.
<pre>Line 1
Line 2

To be honest, however i think it would be a better idea to add (as a configuration) the support to display line-endings in your data.

Could you let me know if HTML is an option? If not, i’ll make sure your data will be shown as it is in your database with an update.

thank you Ivo for the quick reply!

for some reason the
tag hadn’t been working for me (it just shows the “< br >” within the text, with no break…

however, I tried adding new lines directly into the text in the database, and that worked. so what I will do is that I will load the text into the field with a line breaks typed directly in the delimiter field using the “format as text” modifier

thank you again, and thanks for the plugin. it is the only org chart plugin in bubble that works, and I looked around for a while!