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Plugin Framework - Collaboration Ideas

Given that the plugin development framework is going to be key for the growth of Bubble(in terms of features) it would be great if there were collaborative features around it. Similar to what Github does for coding and open-source.

I see a lot of knowledgeable JS people that could do amazing things if they had some tools to collaborate.

Maybe something like Github is too big to implement, but there are other things that could be done to facilitate collaboration.

Like a free Bubble instance with unlimited collaborators just for plugin purposes. It’s a win-win situation.
Mix this with the idea of the Slack Team and the Forum and progress on plugins could go much quicker and release individuals of the responsibility of having to handle on their own.


We’re currently working on a github integration, but cannot commit on a timeline as this stage.

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I actually just saw this:

Can you elaborate a bit more in the purpose of this integration? Does it mean, in general terms, that people will be able to commit changes to a bubble plugin and others will be able to load that plugin in bubble from github?

We’ll communicate when it’s ready.