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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Thank you! I just pushed another update today related to your request to fix the funky height issue.

This may be possible. I’ll look into how feasible that is. I think for now, you could put the calendar in a popup or hidden group and show/hide as needed.

^^^obviously not a perfect fix, but hopefully workable for now.

The biggest advantage over using the mini calendar as a date picker is that it displays dates that have the events which is just super ideal.

I could see this working nicely with a label and focus group. Click label to show the focus group. Focus group has the calendar. And animate the transitions!

Here is a workaround

The datepicker really can work like a date-only datepicker now PLUS event calendar! i whipped up this example to demonstrate.

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Ahhh yes - I’ll set it up like this for my custom header :slight_smile:

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Hey all. I just made some updates to the time slot generator.
times weren’t shifting across timezones appropriately. i have updated an example page here

Now you can create time slotted events in any time zone with respect to your own and book/create events accordingly.

Think about virtually interviewing for a job in California exile you live in New York.

The interviewer needs to send you a list of available times to meet with him.

That person will create a list of available time frames. Typically he may say something such as I am available for one hour meetings between 9 and 5 PM every hour on the hour.

Now you can create that list of available times with respect to the interviewers timezone on the fly dynamically

You format that time to be in the applicants timezone. How are you can you be available interview time slots from California formatted to the interviewers timezone hence reducing or removing any confusion or ambiguity between time zones and making an appointment

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Send a scheduling link!

a booking link example that produces date/times to meet when you open the page and allows you to view other potential meetings times as well!

^^^copy/paste this into your browser to see it in action. click some dates/times to see them disappear from the available slots.

check it out here and see the different types of schedules you can build!

version 1.41 was just pushed out
on top of many updates to the time slot generator, you can also now style the calendar border!

At least one user was reporting issues displaying resources on the calendar when no events were present in the DB using the specific resource list. I just pushed an update for that!


update to version 1.41.3

I noticed weird bugs occurring with the calendar element if you deleted the only remaining event. that is gone as is the issues with initiating the calendar without any elements.

please update the plugin and refresh your browsers!

Some example pages for your pleasure!

setting up recurring events and timeslots

coordinating schedules to find matching free times

calendar demo with scheduler

simple calendar setup

Calendly Clone

^^^ by far my favorite example so far. If desired, I would make this a template for free or incredibly low cost. you’d need to get the template and buy the plugin but it’s worth it if you are doing any kind of scheduling. So far ^^^ this is still basic and a work in progress but will definitely get you up and running today!

Create complex repeating future events and save to the DB

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Just pushed an update for the Time Slot Generator to allow for lists of numeric time ranges.

previously you could create 1 timeslot per day

now you can create split timeslots like this


you’ll need to update and replace your current timeslot generator with the new element.
this also requires you now have a list of time ranges, even if there is only 1. in your DB the time ranges should be saved as a list of numeric ranges. see this page for example

^^ just realized this will require you to create an account and navigate manually to

so i’ll return when i’ve updated the main page BUT you can check out out this way for now!

the following video demonstrates how performant both recurring events and timesloted times can be generated!

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New Elements Released to the Plugin Today:

  • a TailWind inspired time-only picker.
    – Currently only working in intervals of 5 minutes. I may add more options in the future but it’s as-is for now
    – beautiful and VERY mobile-friendly
    Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 2.37.02 PM

@equibodyapp i have decided on this as a solution to your issue for now. I may be able to incorporate something more in the future but this will be it for now.

  • output Elegant TimeSlot Lister
    –use this to input your users timeslots created with the date range generator and output a list
    – the use case may be slim but I found this to be a better and easy way to display timeslots, especially when there is more than 1 per day!

to see this you’d log in, go to create an event type, and use the event specific hours. it’s not in use anywhere else yet.

Thanks @jared.gibb - I think this time picker is definitely more mobile friendly and looks great!

Is there a way to incorporate it in to the current date/time picker element? I need both and as this new time picker element isn’t customisable in size or font it’s hard to make it look nice sitting next to the date picker.

I’ll keep tinkering!

I can add an option to adjust the size but it’ll take a little work. Maybe another couple weeks. (Probably a lot less time than that)

Thanks @jared.gibb - I’ve tweaked my own set up a bit to something I think will work. It’s mainly the font that would be great to be able to pick (size, colour, style) and I think that will be enough for now :slight_smile:

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I’ll see what I can do. It uses tailwind css so I just need to look into how to change this settings. I put it together this afternoon after getting frustrated that I can’t figure out how to change that damn handle size on the slider for the time picker :joy: :hammer:

:rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I definitely like this time picker much better :slight_smile:

Will DM you a screenshot of one little thing :slight_smile:

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New properties added to add today per requests from @tonymoulatsiotis

Now event times are even more customizable!

if you are using your calendar to display resources you may find this update nice!

Resource Grouping and sorting is now live in the latest update (1.47).

the docs aren’t there yet but, here’s a working example and it’s editor so you can see how it’s put together

and here’s a teaser or checkout the link above for an upcoming fun feature perfect for YOUR resource use case. resource images :wink:

Ok! beta v 1.48 is out now and should be running strong.

hopefully someone already has a use case here buttttt maybe not. im hoping someone can update and use the resource grouping and images and let me know if there are questions or bugs. i’ve worked out what I can on my side and now need feedback from you awesome users.

put a face (or plane) to your resources. or an image of any kind
group them too!

^^^ the issue mentioned above related to the resource divider color is fixed

version 2.0 is under review! The calendar element has been cleaned up and made more user friendly!

docs are under construction but will be completed by the weeked for the calendar and timeslot generator at least!
Things to look forward to!

Version 2.0 has been approved!
version 2.0.1 was pushed today to clean up a couple bugs.

Thanks for pointing those out @marksrunge
^^^your property 2 workflows should work now. ’

There are so many goodies to this calendar, eventually I’ll list them all out. What I can say is that

dynamic field choosing for tooltips is next
followed by allowing the injection of HTML for your event instead of a title only.
then, the implementation of Microsoft Auth0 + offline access to those users calendars! (currently there’s only google offline access)
– the last thing on the todo list at the moment will be momentus for the calendar and quite a breaking change.
– I will be doing away with the initialize calendar workflow. you should only have to place the element and set the inputs!

I will keep the community apprised of these updates as they are pushed to live!

Thanks @jared.gibb
All’s working well at my end.

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