{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Bring in the googles

I have just published the latest version of this plugin. Updates include:

  1. Select how far back you want to retrieve results
  2. Added the ability to easily incorporate your users google calendars and basic profile info!

Next up are the docs and finished working example.
Preview the feature here

Resource view almost ready!

get Yo CRUD on (Almost) with google calendar in bubble! Right now it’s read only

Below is a list of the latest data calls that I added to the plug-in. These do require a service account with Google which is incredibly easy and free to set up. Unfortunately although they work in the plugin. Builder, they aren’t working on the page. Only profile info, calendar events, and calendar colors for now. Still sorting out the rest

The last addition to this plug-in was an element that will position a pop-up based on where you click in the calendar. Presumably when you click in event in the calendar you’d like to see a pop out that shows more details about that event. I have put together a plug-in that will perfectly position an element wherever you click within the calendar so that your pop-up group is positioned with the event instead of in the middle of the screen or somewhere else. This is a dynamic solution and it moves around nicely. There’s also code to prevent going hiding behind either side of the screen