{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Ok, so i found some major flaws and issues with the previous version of the timeslot generator. plut it was slow. so slow + major flaws == :poop:

It’s here!!! Go play around with it!

i went to work and recoded the whole deal. now it is operating without any issue! Please check it out here and let me know what you think.

Tine Slot Generator Element Features

create recurring events

  • minutely, hourly, daily, monthly, yearly

set the days you want to create events on

  • maybe you don’t want your event to repeat every day but you want to to repeat Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Typically that would be difficult but with this plug-in it’s a simple as choosing the day of the week you want the repetition to occur

set explicit start hour/minutes for events

create timeslots

  • set your timeslot beginning and offset and repeat!

choose the number of events to create

  • this makes sure you dont have to create too many. play with the settings and figure out what works best for you. if you wanted 40000 events, you could get it but it will hold up your browser for a few seconds. you likely could run with 500 and be ok ost of the time

Filter time slots

  • do this based on availability slots for each day of the week if you want

Filter busy times

  • once you have your timeslots setup the way you need, filter out any blocked times based on an input list of event date/time ranges.

And because setting up a calendar + DB + scheduler can be a pain in the ass