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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite


Just need to sort out the default colour.

Are you feeding a list of event identifiers?
Do you have the “use event identifiers option checked?

This editor shows the use of the default color when using identifiers with no issue.

can you look at this.

Yep. When you run the example, can you change the default color and have it be successful?. No events have identifiers so they should all end up being the default color.

Can you print your event array to the screen and check that you’re passing the identifier appropriately

Will do. Something has gone really screwy :frowning:

Cool. I sorted out the issue.
Was the same old issue where the event array lists were of different lengths.
What I was trying to do was to filter out bookings where the “bookings” are blocked time for the whole day (when groomers are not working on a day they shouldn’t show on the calendar).
Problem is that when I filter (see the two highlighted below) it throws the lengths out.
Please suggest how I can do this.
Many thanks.

I’d use an RG as the data source and filter the events there

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Good idea. Thanks.

User error is common. No problem. It’s a complex plugin! Cheers!

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Tired of struggling with Bubble? Are you ready to step-it-up or speed it along? Contact me today to learn how to book a 1-on-1 session!

Hi Jared
I was not on my best form. Why I didn’t think of using an RG as my data source and simply filtering out those on their days off is really not being very bright.
Using an RG makes perfect sense and it works like a charm.
Many thanks :+1:

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Hi Jared
A feature request:
If the calendar’s vertical scroll bar is solid i.e. the entire vertical calendar is visible on the screen, could the vertical scroll bar be hidden?

Hello! I believe I have my Time Slot Generator set up correctly finally, but it is not outputting recurring events to my calendar. I do get this error:
The plugin Full Calendar Scheduler Suite / element BAFC - Time Slot Generator Replacement threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘getFullYear’)
at eval (PLUGIN_Full-Calendar-Scheduler-Suite–update–BAFC—Time-Slot-Generator-Replacement-.js:360:33)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

Could this be causing the events to show incorrectly?

Hi @kyrat4242! Sorry for your struggle!

Can you show how you have it set up?

Specifically, line 360 refers to the end date input. How have you set this? The error would indicate the input is empty or at least is empty at the time this code is ran. (I.e. the tsg loads before the date picker /data value assigned to that tsg input)

I can fix this ^^ too so it won’t err and instead will wait

I don’t see that on my Mac/iPhone. Is that a pc? I imagine we can make it disappear with some css, I’ll see what I can do!

Here are some screenshots of my setup. I am super new to Bubble as well as your plugin, so there is a good chance I did something wrong!

Seems to be browser dependent.
I’m on Windows 10 and the top screenshot is on Edge and the bottom is Chrome.
So, the issue happens on Chrome and not on Edge.

A bit weird. I continued using Chrome and now it’s Ok i.e. the scroll bar isn’t appearing.

Hey guys,

I had the exact same error the other day when using TimeSlotGenerator and testing one feature in my app. Nothing serious I would say. :slight_smile:


So my first suggestion is to make sure you are on the latest version of the plugin.

Next, the only spot in the code that I use the command .getFullYear() is when reading in the start and end dates. So, a follow up to that statement would be, how are you entering the start and end dates?

I know you have some other questions, I think a 1-on-1 video chat during the coming week would be best to get you finally set up all the way here.

I’m so sorry for my delay in response. So unbecoming of me! Are you still experiencing this? I must’ve forgotten to push the update but I have it in place now. please update and this error should not longer occur.

I think some custom CSS would help solve this issue in any case. If you wanna chat about that let me know!

For those using this calendar. please update and take note if you are experiencing bugs.

Due to the way that we bring in data (with the exception of event color and event border color lists), if any of your data fields may have a comma in them, (often this may happen if you bind addresses or a long descriptiion with a comma in it, you’ll need to chhange your delimiter.

the delimi is set at the top of the calendar settings.
use it like this

but specifically for event color list and event border color list, these incoming listst should use the tilde as the delimiter. and should be set as above.

I plan to do a more thorough setup video in the next week as i ramp down in my full time psychologist job and ramp UP in my role as a fulltime Bubble Consultant

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