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Can you check out these 2 demo pages. they both are setup calendars.

there is no event to initialize the calendar. You just need to ensure you have set up your lists correctly.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I got it!!

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Hi, I have three additional questions.

  1. Is it possible to display both recurring events and ordinary one-time events on the same calendar made by “BAFC-Calendar Element” ?

  2. What is “blocked timeslots event input”? If you input some events as “blocked timeslots event input”, you can exclude time of those events from Time Slots Generator database? For example, is this a function you would use to exclude certain times of the day from the display list because of no staff at certain times of the day?

  3. Is it possible to display only certain periods of time (e.g., to display only January-March 2024, restrict the page transition buttons (arrow buttons) for each month in the calendar header so that you can only navigate from January to March, etc.)?

And, I would really appreciate it if you could give me the URL of the demo which is explained about in the movie below (the demo of Time Slot Generator).

I can’t find the demo of Time Slot Generator in the URL you sent to me.


Hi, I’ve probably found a defect in your app.

When I use Time slot generator, Small calendar and Type of Date picker event info to show reservation slots, the time zone doesn’t work well.

The following settings are made as a prerequisite.

【Time slot generator】


【Small Calendar】

small calendar

【Repeating group for clicked days event info>】

【Date picker event info】


As you can see above, the “Point of Origin TZID” is “Asia/Tokyo” and the “Point of View TZID” is “Europe/London”, which are put in solid type for clarity.

In fact, the time difference between Japan and London should be 8 hours in summer time and 9 hours in winter time.
But, when I set Japan time as 9:00am, the output shows 11:00pm London time the day before as shown above, which means there is a time difference of 10 hours.

Since the above means that the time is off whether it is summer or winter time, I believe that a bug has occurred.

I have also checked other time zones, such as the U.S. and Africa, and found the same bug.

Can this be fixed immediately? Or am I setting it up incorrectly?



imagine you are scheduling for resource A. you would feed all their appointments into that field and this would block overlapping timeslots from being output

yes. the easiest way do do this will be to create your own header for the calendar.

i would need to see the entire setup to be sure what’s going on here. im not exactly sure what youre doing or expect to get out of it. id start by isolating to just the 1 element

also, there’s a chance the code needs tweaking. happy to fix it up

Thank you for you reply.
I got all above.

For the last question, I’ve solved the problem by not using “Point of View TZID”.
Only inputting “Point of Origin TZID” works well.

Also, I would like to use API link between this plugin and Google Calendar.

So, do you have any materials (like videos or demos or web page) for reference about that?

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Requires you to set up oauth on your project. Are you familiar with that?

Yes, I know.
I’ve studied about Google Cloud, OAuth2.0, API connector and so on.

Hey @jared.gibb i’m very happy that you took your time to create this awsome Plugin and i’m on it to implemet it to it’s fullest potential im my Application. I have some Questions to you about some fuctionalitys.

  1. Is it possible to implement a Event Border Width?

  2. Is the Resources setup just possible with the Options or is it possible to combine it with dynamic data from the Database?

should be:

you can only use a list of primitives. however, that data can absolutely be dynamic.

Thanks for replying.
I think there was a misunderstanding. The Border is working well but i want to make the Event Borders bigger to use it as status markers. But the default value is way to thin to be seen well by the user.

Hi, jared.
I sent a message about a bug!
can you check this?

@hellincamp I have responded via email

@r.gross.morbus i imagine it’s possible using simple css overrides but it’s not built into the plugin yet. Are you using the free or paid version?

Right now the free version but it’s more then worth it to pay for it.

Hi, I use Small Calendar.

I know the sizes are small and extra small (each width and height is fixed in advance and can’t be changed)

I need a bigger calendar like 400px width, so I would like to change the physical size of the small calendar.

Could you tell me how to resize the small calendar or update the plugin for us to change the size freely.


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I got the idea about above post.

You can use Run javascript.
The code is below.

var element = document.getElementById(“smallcalendar”);
if (element) {
element.style.width = “instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx”;
element.style.maxWidth = “instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx”;
element.style.minWidth = “instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx”;

var elements = document.getElementsByClassName(‘color-calendar glass color-calendar–small’);
for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
elements[i].style.width = ‘instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx’;
elements[i].style.maxWidth = ‘instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx’;
elements[i].style.minWidth = ‘instructor calendar width’s threshold / variablespx’;

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hello again.
The resources are working, but I’m currently having an issue with business hours. Is there a way to limit the days separately? Would be nice for the timeGridWeek.

not currently. it would be nice though. but then I said, why not. go update your plugin if you’re on the paid version :slight_smile:

you’ll NEED to define your business hours in an array like this using ISO timestamps and a 0 indexed week with 0 being sunday

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Thanks for the quick Update. ^^
just help me please :sweat_smile:. Where should i implement the code? or should i cofigurate it in the Database on Bubble? :sweat_smile:

By the way, a view option without a deeper transition from the ResourceTimeGridDay view to the Daygrid view would be great ^^, that’s a bit hindering if the view always jumps to the DayGrid when you click on the column but you want to keep everything in the overview.